Spring Summer 21


The Spring/Summer 21 “Doxa” collection conveys a relevant mood of presence, optimism and reminiscence of what a stimulating life is all about.

The main focus is on contemporary tailoring in modern silhouettes and a versatile shirt programme all crafted from Premium fabrics.

Central to the season’s aesthetics are the new life-affirming graphics capturing the core of our brand universe and the omnipresent Libertine spirit.

Spring Summer 21


Spring/ Summer 2021 ‘Céret’  is defined by simplicity and ease - adapting the creative breeze from the picturesque small town of Catalonia.

The collection is a wardrobe of contemporary tailoring and elevated quality essentials created for an assured and effortless style.

Exaggerated detailing, Premium fabrics and a rich color palette emphasize a mood of life-affirming optimism.

PARIS90 EDITORIAL w. Victor Monchamp :

Meet Victor Monchamp, owner of reknowned wine store and atelier PARIS 90 located at Classensgade, Osterbro Copenhagen.

“I was born twice. The first time like any other human with a mother and a father. The second time is symbolic.